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    Official Server Rules
    The following are rules that staff members will enforce and players must abide by.
    Be aware that these rules can be edited and changed.
    The 'chat offenses' will also apply to the discord server.

    Chat Offenses:
    Minor Chat Offenses
    Some minor chat offenses include but are not limited to: Spam, excessive amounts of capital letters, minor player disrespect, and constant inappropriate remarks. This also includes pretending to be a staff member when you are not.
    Punishment can vary from kicks to mutes depending on the staff member.

    Major Chat Offenses

    Some major chat offenses include but are not limited to: Racism, discriminatory remarks, sexism, and major disrespect
    Punishment can vary from prolonged mutes to temporary bans.

    Staff Disrespect
    The staff should be respected and followed.
    Punishments can vary based on the severity and the punishing staff member.

    Threats pertaining to but not limited to, hacking, DDoS'ing, and death.
    Punishment can vary based on the severity and extent of the threat.

    Posting Malicious Links
    Do not send links meant to harm anyone. Sending such links will result in a 31 day ban.
    Punishment can vary from two week to month long bans.

    Releasing Private Information
    Some punishable information leaks can include but are not limited to: Names, addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses.
    Punishment can vary from month long to permanent bans.

    Do not advertise anything not associated with Skyblock Zone.
    Punishment can vary from month long to permanent bans.

    General In-Game Rules:
    Do not scam a player out of money, items, or a rank.
    Punishment can vary from week long to permanent bans.

    Greifing is editing a person's property without their permission.
    Punishment can vary based on the severity of the greif.

    Island Farming
    Island farming is the term used for repeatedly restarting your island with the intent to collect and farm materials for another island, examples of these items include but are not limited to: Sand, dirt, and lava buckets
    Punishment is a ban along with confiscation of all gained materials.

    AFK Farming
    AFK Farming is when you produce money automatically through AFKing. This can be ranging from fully automatic farms that you AFK by, or weighing down your mouse button to automatically harvest a farm, to many more situations.
    Punishment can vary based on previous offenses, ranging from kicks to tempbans.

    Abusing Glitches, Including Dupe Glitches
    Do not use any glitches in the game or do something intended to abuse the game, which can either break the game, harm the server - including lagging it, provides extra materials, or anything else that is intended to do something that you are not meant to be doing.
    Punishment includes the confiscation of items, destroying the device that caused the glitch if there was one without return of the materials made to build it, and a ban.

    Inappropriate Names and Skins
    Do not login to our server with an inappropriate skin or username, do not have any names that could be offensive to other players.
    Punishment can vary from day long to month long bans.

    Ban/Mute Evading:
    Do not ban/mute evade or try to get around a ban placed on one of your accounts.
    Ban evasion will result in your alt being banned for the same amount as the main.
    Mute evasion will cause your account to be banned for the remaining length of the mute.

    Illegal Trade Items:
    -Dirt (Coarse Dirt)
    -Lava Buckets
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