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    Time Zone:
    Eastern Standard Time. I am able to be online during the active hours for other timezones due to the ability to stay up as long as necessary.

    How many hours are you on daily?
    I'm currently taking a gap-year, so I have a large amount of free time. There will be no day where I am on less than 2-4 hours. I could currently spend an average of 7-9 hours on the server per day, and I suspect this will be my typical daily activity.

    Do you speak fluent English?
    I am fluent in my primary language of English, with having taken honors courses for Spanish--substantial understanding--and a beginner's course for German--minimal understanding.

    How long have you played the server?
    I have been playing for multiple days, but I believe my dedication and free-time are evident through the amount of time I have already commit to the server. My zeal will remain as indisputable as I further demonstrate my devotion to the server through playtime and eagerness to support it.

    Total hours played:
    My playtime is growing exponentially in a short amount of time, so I will update it here quite often.

    Your qualifications:
    I have past experiences as a moderator on other servers years ago that I greatly dedicated myself to exclusively. Since then, I've grown up, further sustained a disciplined mindset, and qualified myself while attending real-life work experiences.

    In regards to my real-life experiences, I have seasonal jobs in Information Technology and with multiple photography companies (reference: Jolesch Enterprises, Northcraft: Photo, Lifetouch).

    My work as an IT has succeeded in earning me the talent of creativity and on-the-spot problem solving, as well as patience in otherwise frustrating scenarios. I abandon nothing and refuse to give up until a solution is brought forward.

    By the photography companies I work under, I order the organization and management of hundreds of high school students at a time, directing them to perform the correct actions and assisting with any questions or other help they may require. I have become accustomed to tedious and very long work days, and I attained the capability to be unceasingly dedicated to anything that I apply myself to.

    Why do you want to be mod?
    Genuine interest, professionalism, and motivation. The management, or moderation, of people is an ingrained skill obtained through experience and commitment. Being ranked staff is a commitment that I excel at and through which I find enjoyment, be it the Admin/Mod of a server or real-life professions in which I participate. I shine in these positions, and I am always looking to further advance and enhance my experiences; for me, it's a practice and learning opportunity, of which there can never be enough.

    I have a large understanding of plugins and working with them through personal experimentation; I can't make my own, but I have a very in-depth understanding of the configuration and settings of them enough to help with nearly everything that could need a more hands-on approach. I thoroughly enjoy being hands-on and working with plugins, or just developing in general (including just on-server work).

    I am someone who does things quickly and quietly. I am most active when there is a goal to accomplish, and having a staff position enables a constant goal for myself. I am more than capable of handling situations dealing with disallowed activity or chat interactions with players and staff. I approach everything whilst avoiding bias, and everything I decide or do is done with calculated thought. I do not act recklessly and without thought; all decisions are done in confidence.

    I noticed mention and concern for fully dedicated staff who have full focus for this server, which will be a definite for myself. I have no other servers currently on which I hold a reason to be distracted from here.

    What will you bring to the team?
    My real passion is being a Manager; someone who deals with everything while not being specifically labelled for solely being a Developer or solely working with players. I love doing both at once; I'm an insane multitasker!
    More simply: I'm more than willing and hopeful to help with every situation possible that deals with the server and the players.

    Do you have any prior experience?
    As mentioned in qualifications, I have moderated on decent-sized servers, as well as been an Admin and Manager for small-time servers. I'm sure it's been witnessed first hand by some of the players of this server ;). Also mentioned in qualifications, my unique work experiences further implement particular talents that are constructive for any staff position.

    Have you ever been banned on our server?
    I have been banned on neither the forums nor in-game.
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    Accepted, locked.
    Welcome to the team.
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