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    IGN: Insanecarrot69

    Time Zone: I live in Central Daylight Time, but I am on over the later times at night in which I have seen less moderator activity.

    How many hours are you on daily?: Through the Summer I am on for about 30 hours a week and during the other seasons, I try to play for a minimum of 15 hours. The only time that I am on less is during stressful exam times.

    Do you speak fluent English?: I speak English as my primary language and I also took 3 years of German.

    How long have you played the server?: I have played on this server since March of 2018.

    Total hours played: For the updated server I have played for 4.68 days, but on the old server I had close to 9 days logged. (Unfortunately, I cannot find the screenshot of the 9 days one, but I have the 4.68 days one)

    Your qualifications: Throughout my academic career I have taken a multitude of computer classes, this means that I familiar with some of the website formats and how to correctly format. Along with computer classes I have taken several conflict resolution classes which I believe would help me to better understand conflicts on the server instead of jumping the gun on some issues. I have also been on the server long enough to recognize when something seems off. I also am on for extensive periods of time which would allow for me to constantly monitor the server for potential issues.

    Why do you want to be mod?: To be honest, I have been considering applying for a short while, but I always felt that there was not a need for an additional member. However, I finally decided to apply when I am sitting on the server late at night and suddenly 11 people join all at once. Only one of the claims to be a person and the others are just drones that walk around the mines with stone pickaxes looking for ores. This is a prime example of modding and without a moderator online I have to sit on the side and watch them possibly get away with it.
    What will you bring to the team?: I will bring an open mind that is ready to help solve some of the minor (and major) problems on the server currently. I also have an extremely large play time that allows for me to have more time to monitor the server and its several forums.

    Do you have any prior experience?: I have some basic experience when it comes to forum moderation and I haven't moderated a server since Minecraft 1.7.1 on another server. I did a fairly good job looking over about 150 members at any given time.

    Have you ever been banned on our server?: I was banned once for afk-ing and have since learned my lesson and have had no more conflicts.

    (Optional) Other information about you: I am currently 18 years old going into my sophomore year of college at KU. I am studying a chemical engineering that has so far prepared for writing extensive reports with detail-rich pages that outline's current problems and how I have resolved them. If you would like proof of detail I can send a page of my engineering notebook that required a daily entries detailing what occurred.

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