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    What is ChestShop?
    ChestShop is a plugin used on the server! It is intended to give you a way to sell, buy, or trade your own items with other players on the server.

    You can check how much money you have with the /balance command, as all interactions with the ChestShop will require you to have money!

    What does it look like?

    THIS is a ChestShop!
    For this particular ChestShop, you can see that the 3rd line of the sign includes both B and S. This means that someone using the shop can have both Buy and Sell interactions with the shop. This will be explained a bit more in-depth to avoid confusion!
    This ChestShop is owned by a player named emiouioui and can both buy and sell 32 stone blocks at a time.

    The typical sign layout is as follows:

    Playername (This is the ChestShop owner's in-game name, or username)
    Number amount of item being sold or bought (If the owner of the ChestShop is selling 32 blocks of stone, this number will say 32)
    Buying/Selling Price (If there is a B next to it, you can Buy from the shop for this price. If there is an S next to it, you can Sell your items to the shop. Do /balance in-game to see if you can afford to buy from the ChestShop!)
    Name of item being sold/bought (This is what item is available in the specific chest)

    How to interact with someone's ChestShop

    If you see a ChestShop that is selling an item that you want, walk up to it and Right-Click the sign in order to Buy the item. You can see it demonstrated in the gif below.


    You can notice that this ChestShop only has B or Buy option, which means you can only Buy what the owner of the ChestShop has in the chest. (Remember, the item the ChestShop is selling is listed on the bottom line of the sign!)

    What if you want to sell items that you already have?
    If the ChestShop has an S or Sell option, walk up to it and Left-Click the sign while you have enough items in your inventory to give to the ChestShop. (Note: If you're selling your items, you need to have the same amount of blocks in your inventory to match the second line of the sign.)


    How to make your own ChestShop

    Now it's time for the slightly more difficult part! Creating your own Chestshop!

    Do you remember the layout from before? I'll tell it to you again so you can remember:

    Number amount of item being sold or bought
    Buying/Selling Price
    Name of item being sold/bought

    First, you need to shift, or hold sneak, then place a blank sign onto your chest.


    This is a bit more complicated, so I'll walk you through it line by line.

    First line: Skip the first line of the sign; leave it blank! When you're completely finished and exit the sign, the plugin should automatically put your name in the first line for you. This is a good way to make sure that the ChestShop worked.

    Second line: Type how much of the item you want to sell or buy.

    Third line: If you want your items to be Bought by other players, you will put a B followed by a price. If you copy the screenshot above, players that visit your shop will Buy items from you. (Make sure that you put whatever you're selling in the chest, because that is where the storage for the ChestShop will be located! Empty chest = players can't get the items!)
    If you want other players to Sell you items, where you are the one receiving items from them, put S followed by the amount you are willing to pay.
    In the first screenshot in this thread post, you can see that the third line says "B 10 : 8 S" - This means that this ChestShop can both Buy and Sell items! In this case b=10 and s=8, the owner would sell their items for $10 and a player visiting them could sell their items for $8.

    Fourth line: This can be done in multiple ways!
    One way you can do it: You can just put a question mark on the last line of the sign, which is shown in the above screenshot. If you do this, you can just place the items you want to sell in the chest and the plugin will fill out which item it is for you!
    Another way: Again, put a question mark on the bottom line. Now, hold the item you want to sell in your hand and punch the sign with it! The plugin will update the sign and give you a message in chat saying that you've correctly setup your ChestShop!
    Last way you can do it: Put the actual name or ID of the item on the bottom line! You can figure out the name in game by doing the command /iteminfo

    And there you have it! You should be done! Hope this helped you to understand more on how ChestShop works. :)

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